Pot-Toria is a stoner buddy sci-fi comedy one shot 32 pages colored. The world is on fire, entire civilazations are in ruins. Scientist are scrambling to find a way to preserve life before humainty is wiped out by its own chaotic rage. Luckily life has been discoverd on a large nug of weed. But to first test the quality of life they can expect, on this newly found planet Pot-Toria. Two stoners will be chosen to be, shrunk down and placed on the surface of planet Pot-Toria to see if humans can co-exist with the newly found life forms discovered living on the surface of Pot-Toria.

Campaign Story

From the team that brought you Khajar in Cajaria. Comes this comedy one shot of epic proportions.

Based off of a concept writer Allen Johnson created in his youth. Comes this new and excellently illustrated comedy. Illustration and colors done by Khajar in Cajaria artist Mady Ātisuto.

Surely to leave you spliting with laughter. Blending the perfect amount of out right stoner comedy, with a dramatic and heart felt story.

Pot-Toria is the 8th world team's first entirly crowd funded project.

Our hope is to raise enough to do a industry standard print run, and get it placed at price points that stores can make a profit on. And that fans and readers can all enjoy.

Pot-Toria (Regular Cover )

Pot-Toria 32 pages colored.
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