Otis Stein #1

When Otis meets his untimely demise, his widowed wife does the unthinkable and brings him back using dark magic.

Campaign Story

Sometimes Dead is Better...

When Otis resorts to making moonshine, he makes a grave mistake that costs him his life. Seeing Otis’ lifeless body, the now widowed Mary tries to bring him back using ancient magic. But not everything is as it seems, and dark forces gather in the shadows. Love, sadness, death and the macabre await you within the pages of Otis Stein!

  • Full color cover front and back with B&W story interiors by Carlos F. Rodriguez make up this 36 page book.
  • The book is 100% complete and ready for print.
  • Written and created by indie writer, Matthew Vealey with art by Carlos F. Rodriguez, this book isn’t like anything you’ve seen on the indie comics market.

This book is loosely based on a flash fiction feature Matthew wrote within the pages of Ashcan Comics Publishing’s Old School Monsters. He has always had a deep love and an appreciation for all horror. Otis Stein is his love letter to the genre. From subtle references in every page to horror classics of the past, to new ideas he brings alongside them, this book is sure to be one hell of a ride for those looking for a unique and bloodcurdling experience.

With the talent of Carlos F. Rodriguez on Pencils, Inks and Colors, this is sure to be an eye catching book. Carlos is a talented graphic artist with dreams of working in comics. His contoured art style really complements the tone and atmosphere for the story. With artwork that takes a life of it's own and seems to flow over the page, creating something truly unique. Otis is the love child of passion and teamwork from both writing and art.

Our Goal

By supporting this book, you are helping two indie creators make their dreams a reality and we hope to bring you much more of Otis with your help. Here are a few things your support will help us accomplish:

  • Create more great stories with Otis, including epic crossovers with fellow indie creators.
  • Provide politics free entertainment, the drapes here are just blue and that’s the way we like it.
  • Rise up to offer solid entertainment in a waning industry that has lost focus on what really matters: entertainment and escapism.
  • Build and establish our own comic universe, filled to the brim with new characters and stories to tell. Now's the best time to get in on the ground floor.

No Risk

We wouldn't ask for you to invest in us unless we have done it ourselves.

  • The book is complete!
  • We've already funded on IGG so the printing costs are already covered.
  • No waiting years for the book you helped make happen. As soon as the check clears, the print files will be sent and we start fulfillment.
  • Matthew has worked on many other titles as a writer, editor and letterer. He's published numerous stories that have already seen release. From free eZine contributions like Ralph vs. Kung-Flu in Corona Kings to the Banjoman Ashcan included with Legends of the Lone Wolf. When he aims to do something, it gets done. No excuses! He only provides results here, folks.

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