Brawler #1

The anthology of strange tales and amazing stories!

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Brawler is a 54 page, perfect bound, full-colour anthology of strange tales and amazing stories!

The first issue features seven comic strips that feature unique characters and concepts from talented UK comic creators, including top comic artist Staz Johnson!

Here's a taste of what you'll find in the first issue of Brawler:

28AR - Twenty-eight years ago, Ragnarok happened. The few remaning humans are trying to survive an ice age while Viking Gods battle Frost Giants for control of Midgard. By Richmond Clements and Nigel Dobbyn.

MAJOR RAKHANA - The steampunk space-ace that calls the shots, Major Rakhana is our Glorious Empire's staunch defender against the wicked alien hordes in our outermost colonies. By Steve Tanner, Pete Woods & Bolt-01.

BANSHEE SPACE EXORCIST - Fanshaw is a banshee who’s moved into space and become an exorcist. Undead in the space age, she makes a ‘living’ travelling between moon colonies and star stations, helping hapless humans rid themselves of the spectres and ghouls they've brought with them from earth. By Katie Cunningham, Grace Toscano & Bolt-01.

AMNESIA AGENTS - There is a physical place where your memories go. You forget a person, a place or even your keys, they end up in Echo. Sometimes, evil forces led by the Forget Foxes steal memories and hide them, and it's the job of the Amnesia Agents to get them back. By Jason Cobley and James Gray.

FORTUNE - In a destitute star system, a rare mineral find on a distant planet sends thousands of brigands and adventurers into the big black on an interstellar gold rush, all willing to do whatever it takes to find their fortune. Among those making the journey is 13 year old Amara Gladstone and her own band of buccaneering misfits. By Fraser Campbell, James Corcoran, James Gray & Nigel Dobbyn.

FRANKENSTEIN, TEXAS - What if the ending to Mary Shelley's famous Gothic novel was a lie? A fiction spun by the real Victor Frankenstein to cover his tracks, so he and his creation could instead flee across the Atlantic to a promising new world: America. Now, the monster fights to redeem himself as the new sheriff of the town of Frankenstein. By Dan Whitehead & David Hitchcock.

KEIKO PANDA - Turn left and the world is different. Humans live and fight alongside and against Mammalians and Arboreans, intelligent animals and vegetables! Samurai Commander Keiko Panda of Nippon investigates strange events and crimes in the mountains and mists of the east. By Jason Cobley and Mitz.

As you can see, Brawler #1 features a diverse range of ideas with truly eclectic characters from some top-drawer talent. There's no "lead" story in Brawler - we think each one could hold their own against the next - and that's one of Brawler's key strengths. There's no filler here, just cover to cover strange tales and amazing stories!


A single copy of Brawler #1 for you to enjoy, plus a limited art print featuring one of the Brawler characters
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Two copies of Brawler #1, the standard cover plus the 1:50 variant edition, plus a limited art print featuring one of the Brawler characters
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