Campaigner Profile Cards

Campaigners can provide personal details about themselves, as well as add links to their social media or websites, directly on their campaign pages.

At-a-glance information about campaigners.

Campaigners often want to display additional information to give potential backers more information and confidence in their campaign; backers often ask if we have any additional information about the people behind campaigns.

Backers can see key information about the campaigner right next to the campaign’s pitch video or image.

This information helps backers make well-informed decisions about funding a campaign. Want to learn more about the people behind the campaign, click “More” for an in-depth overview.

What information can campaigners share?

  • Campaigner Avatar & Biography: Who is the campaigner?
  • Verifications: Links to verified social media accounts (LinkedIn and Facebook), and confirmation that the campaigner has verified his/her email address.
  • Impact: See the campaigner’s history on Indiegogo. Has the campaigner run any other campaigns on Indiegogo? Did the campaigner support any other campaigns on Indiegogo? Has the campaigner commented on any campaigns?
  • Recent Activity: See the last action taken by the campaign team. Have they posted an Update, added new team members, or added new images, etc.
  • Team Members: Who else is helping make this campaign a reality? Hover over the ID icon to find out what they verified.
  • Websites: Find links to external sites where you can find more information on the project.

What information should backers consider before deciding whether to contribute to a campaign?

When deciding whether or not to fund a campaign, you should make your own assessment and consider all available information including the following:

  • Who are the people behind the campaign?
  • How much experience do the campaigners have in their field?
  • What is the campaign raising money for and how will my contribution be used?
  • Do the campaigners have a clear vision and/or a business plan?
  • Has the campaign owner been transparent about the risks and challenges?

For more information on how to vet campaigns, visit this article.

Do campaigners have to provide this information?

No, this is completely optional, but it’s in the best interest of campaigners to provide as much information as possible so potential backers can make well-informed decisions about funding a campaign.

When potential backers have a good understanding of you and your campaign, the more likely they are to feel confident in supporting your campaign and sharing with their networks.

Will campaigners’ email addresses be displayed?

Indiegogo does not display the email address on the campaign page. The campaigner always has the option to share their email address on the campaign page.

In addition, Indiegogo may exercise the option to share the campaigner’s name, email address and other contact information with any backer who alleges the campaigner has failed to comply with campaign commitments such as perk fulfillment or is not responsive to backers.

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