Pricing and Fees

Priced with the creators well being in mind.

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Pricing & Fees


(yes, really)


our platform fees
  • processing fees
    2.7% + 0.20*


our platform fees**
  • processing fees
    2.7% + 0.20*

*For information on payment processing fees, please see our How It Works Page.

Two crowdfunding options: you get to choose.

100% Threshold

All contributions are returned if you don’t meet your goal. For projects with strict funding minimums, 100% Threshold can give you extra peace of mind.

Immediately Deliver Funds

Keep all contributions even if you don’t meet your campaign goal.  We will Immediately Deliver Funds after your campaign comes to a close.  This is a great fit if your project doesn’t have a strict go/no-go funding minimum.

A cutting-edge payments platform.

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