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Introducing Trust Ratings

We believe that trust is an important factor in deciding which campaigns are backed on our platform.  Therefore we have created “Trust Ratings” to show the level of trust of a Creator in regards to project fulfillment.  Starting out all Creators will have a “No Rating” and will have to earn their way up.  After 3 verified campaigns on any platform the Creator will receive the “Up-And Comer” badge. Once a Creator hits 5 campagins they will receive the “Trusted Seller” badge.

If at any time a creator does not fulfill on a campaign or cancels a campaign after money has been received by a backer they will immediately be banned and removed from Indiecrowdfund so we can ensure the integrity and viability of the platform.  We take canceled and unfulfilled campaigns very seriously and will do everything in our power to protect our Retailers and Fans.

Community FAQ

Do you support International purchases?

At this time we are only accepting backers from the US. Our goal was to support Retailers and Creators in the US. If all goes well it could be in our future. Stay Tuned!

How can I find interesting projects to back?

It's easy! Just pop your mouse over the Campaigns menu item or search in our search box.

How do I pledge?

You can back a campaign by clicking on the appropriate button within the campaign itself.

What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge?

Payment can be accepted through any major credit card.

I don't like or agree with a creator or campaign on this site., Who do I contact?

Well in short, no one. We do not subscribe to cancel culture on this platform. As my mother always said, "If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all." She's a nice lady.

When will I get my perks fulfilled?

Each creator and campaign will be different. We encourage you to keep in touch with the campaign creator and watch for updates.

How does the search work?

The search will be effective for the names of the campaigns as well as for the creators of the campaigns so no matter how little information you have on a campaigns you will always be able to find something of interest.

I backed a campaign and I want a refund

All refunds will be handled with the creator who created the project. Please contact them for further information.

I noticed a Retailer button on the home page?

That's right! We call our Retailers our secret sauce! We have exclusive pricing and secret perks for our Retailer community and take pride in putting your Indie comics in the hands of retailers and on the shelves of their stores.

How do I add a new credit card to my account?

There is no need as we do not store credit card information on our site.

Can I pay with a check? Send cash by mail?

In order to keep costs low and avoid charge backs we are not accepting checks. We also do not accept any cash by mail.

Creator FAQ

Can I Cancel my Campaign?

Canceling your campaign is something you can do at any time; however, you will be responsible for the repercussions involving the fans and the retailers. You will also be responsible to provide refunds to every person who backed your campaign.

Will Indiecrowdfund cancel my campaign at any time for any reason?

No, once your campaign is approved, short of violating the Terms of Service, you will not be canceled. Ever.

Do I need to use the retailer functionality in order to use your site?

No! Of course not! If you would like to keep doing things the way you are used to, all while taking advantage of our lower 3% platform fee and fulfillment discounts, you are more than welcome to continue.

Can Publishers list campaigns on your site?

Sure! We allow publishers to list campaigns on our site on behalf of creators. We recognize that the work of self-publishing can be daunting at times and publishers are needed to bridge the gap.

I've submitted or published my campaign but I want to make edits to it. What do I do?

On the left menu, navigate to "My Campaign" and you will be able to select to edit on each project.

How do I get paid?

Indiecrowdfund will send a disbursement to your bank account within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is correct and accurate. Once your campaign raises 1000 in your currency, 5% of those funds raised will automatically be held in reserve. The amount of Reserved Funds will increase as you keep raising funds so the Reserved Funds are kept at 5% of the current total of funds raised. We may also adjust this percentage of Reserved Funds in our sole discretion.

What funding type choices are available to me?

Immediately Deliver Funds: (also known as fixed funding), processes payments immediately. We will disburse the funds after your campaign closes. 100% Threshold: (also known as pre-authorization), takes payment information, but does not actually process the payment until the funding goal is reached which means no credit card fees unless you hit your funding goal.

Do the customers get charged shipping at checkout?

The customers DO NOT get charged shipping during checkout so make sure YOU include the cost of shipping in your perk price. We currently only support transactions from the US. We are currently working on integrating shipping during the checkout process. Please bare with us during our growing pains.

I am affiliated with a certain group of people. Will I be welcome here?

Yes. We do not discriminate for any reason, ever. As long as you don't have any illegal content in your products, you do you.

Can I contact the retailers on your site directly?

Running a comic shop is tough work. The last thing shops need are 400+ phone calls a day asking if they can carry a certain book. So no, we are not allowing any direct communication from any retailer unless they are a backer of your campaign.

Why are retailers not buying my stuff?

Well, not everyone will have success from the retailer community. Keep in mind, in order to be picked up by a retailer there are several factors that contribute to success: quality of your product, price points, resell value, just to name a few. When creating a perk that you are intending for retailers to pick up, a golden rule is be competitive in your pricing. Retailers are used to picking up 24 page books with a cover price of $3.99 and getting a 50% discount, which is roughly $2 per book. If you want to be on the shelves you need to WANT to be competitive.

I have to make a refund to a backer. What do I do?

This will be handled through your Stripe account. For more information contact Stripe for assistance.

Are you promising that I will hit the target goal of my campaign?

No. Just like other crowdfunding platforms currently available we do not promise that you will hit your funding goal. A goal is just that. A goal. We do not guarantee any results.

Is there any way to get additional support?

Yes! We have created a Facebook Group dedicated to helping out fellow creators and using the combined experience of the community for best practices, tips and tricks, and general support questions.

Retailer FAQ

How will I know what is coming out of the Indie Community?

We have partnered up with ComicsCast to provide you a platform to act as a Preview Guide to what is coming out of the Indie Community. They will be putting out content to cover what is new and hot. Also, please pay attention to the "New Release" page on the main menu for recently added Campaigns.

How do I maximize sales on a crowdfunded book?

If the book you're interested in has an active crowdfunding campaign, versus our on demand feature, the trick is to sell the book to your customers as the campaign is running. Think of the campaign end date as your regular cut-off date from ordering. Waiting to order the book until after the campaign has ended is sort of like reordering a print run. Fans want it while it's hot, so be on the ground floor and offer it to them while it's new.

Aren't crowdfunded books are too expensive?

Guess what? We fixed that. Campaign creators have to ability to show retailers exclusive perks which only appear to retailer accounts. This assures the privacy of the transaction and allows them to set a minimum order quantity which brings down the price of the books.

Will every campaign have retailer perks?

It is not guaranteed that everyone will take advantage of retail shops being a part of the platform. You are welcome to send us a message at any time if you are interested in a book or campaign from a creator and we will approach them for you and secure the deal if at all possible.

Why would customers buy books from an LCS when they can get them directly from the creator on your site?

Excellent question! A lot of fans really believe in supporting their LCS. LCS's have the ability to order in bulk . This drives down the shipping costs for the consumer and they can pick the book up in your shop for cover price. So instead of paying the cover price, plus shipping, directly form the creator, they are only paying cover price from their LCS. So you have to change the question into -- Why wouldn't they by from you?

Do all of my books I order ship together?

No. Each Campaign Creator will do fulfillment on their own and can use slightly different methods. But rest assured if they choose to use our fulfillment partners that your books are in good hands.

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