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Scotty Allen Johnson the 3rd or Allen Johnson. Is a independent comic book writer. Allen started writing things early on, in sixth grade he recalls how he and some friends would all write and draw their own comics and stories. Even though he moved and lost contact with those friends, (was before the facebook era lol) Allen kept writing, as thats what truly called to him. When he was in the ninth grade he got an old desk top computer and started writing stories agian. One of them being Khajar in Cajaria, this story Allen at the time was planning to turn into a video game. But after a house fire Allen lost the computer and the story. But kept the concept in the back of his mind. Later on in life Allen seeing the clocks ticken with no desire or purpose found in his early adult life yet. Allen started a film production company Inspire one Productions in his home town of portland oregon. After sevral scripts being writen and worked on, Allen remebererd the concept of Khajar in Cajaria that he had started all those years ago. So he went about writing it as a tv show script. Realzing the budget it would take to exacute a production of this caliabler Allen decided he would try instead to publish it as a comic book series. Publishing the 1st issue as an ash can comic in 2018. But with no money for printing or sales , Allen was unsure of how to progress with the concept at the momment in time. Until he found a diffrent means of production, and started on issue 2. With in its pre release issue 2 had performed already 100 percent better then issue 1 did, so Allen decided he would give comics his all or nothing. Now with issue 2 completed and published, as well issue 3 in production. Not to mention the entire first 10 issues of Khajar in Cajaria, and other concpets ready to go into production upon obtaning the funds to produce them. Allen has set up quite the career path for himself.

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