Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for Campaign Owners

These Community Guidelines for Campaign Owners are incorporated into our Terms of Use by reference and apply to the use of our website and Services.


  1. Prohibited Content and Perks
  2. Campaign Expectations and Requirements
  3. Disbursements
  4. Policy Violations
  • Prohibited Content and Perks

The following content, activities, and Perks are prohibited on our website, including any content you link externally on our website.  Any decision that Indiecrowdfund makes on prohibited content and perks, or any other policy compliance decision, is final.

      • Non-Comic Book Related Campaigns
        • Non-Comic Book Related Campaigns are not allowed.  Period.
      • Gambling
        • Lotteries and other forms of gambling
        • Perks or other rewards that are not guaranteed, such as raffles, contests, sweepstakes, random drawings etc. are also considered gambling
      • Drugs and Alcohol
        • Drugs or drug paraphernalia and alcohol cannot be marketed on a Campaign or offered as a Perk
        • Words or phrases (including slang names), images or videos depicting drugs, drug usage or associated drug paraphernalia
      • Investments and Profit Sharing
        • Financial incentives, a return on investment, Securities Offering (as defined in the Securities Act of 1933), or participation in any profit sharing
        • Any type of Campaign that could be considered an initial coin offering (“ICO”) or a Campaign that offers cryptocurrency or other digital asset in token form that could be considered a Securities Offering
      • Nudity and Sexually Explicit Content
        • Nudity and sexually explicit content, which may include:
          • Sexually explicit videos
          • Links to websites that may contain sexually explicit material
          • Naughty covers are allowed but must be tastefully edited to cover up the Naughty parts.  Please don’t make us ask.
      • Weapons
        • Weapons, ammunition, and related accessories
    1. Reselling
      • Represent products created by others as your own creation, or act as a reseller of others’ products
  • Campaign Expectations and Requirements

Provide Monthly Updates to Contributors

      • Campaign Owners must provide substantive detailed updates at least once a month to their Contributors.
      • Failure to send monthly updates can result in any or all of the following:
        • We may hold funds raised on your Campaign
        • Increase in your refund requests and chargebacks from Contributors
        • Negative impact on your business and perceived trustworthiness with Contributors
        • We may also report you to a third-party collections agency to recover Contributions disbursed to you

Perk Fulfillment

      • You must fulfill any promises or commitments made on your Campaign page and to Contributors (including delivering any Perks)
      • Once your Campaign has ended, Contributors must receive their Perk before you send Perks to any other contributors or backers of a Campaign on any other fundraising or e-commerce website
      • Campaign Owners who participate in any of the programs offered by third parties in collaboration with Indiecrowdfund, like those for perk, shipping, and retail management, may be removed from these programs for violation of this section or any other policy listed here

ID Verification

We may choose to verify your identity and other information that you provide to us as a Campaign Owner. We reserve the right to withhold funds and refund Contributors if we are unable to sufficiently verify a Campaign Owner’s identity to our satisfaction.

      • Your identity must be verified before we can disburse funds to you. Identity verification is processed by a third party, and your personal data will be encrypted by 256-bit SSL encryption
      • The location listed on your Campaign page must match the legal residence information you provide to us

Addressing Contributor Comments on a Campaign

      • The comments section of your Campaign is a place where Contributors to your Campaign can ask questions, voice concerns, and interact with each other and you. You are required to address all comments unless that comment, or the Contributor, violates our Terms
      • You must respond promptly and truthfully to all questions posed to you by either Indiecrowdfund or a Contributor
      • Comments should only be marked as spam if they violate the Terms. If you mark any comment as spam and we determine, in our sole discretion, that the comments do not violate our Terms, then we may remove your ability to mark comments as spam for a period of time or permanently

Campaigns in the OnDemand Program Must Fulfill Perks

      • A Campaign may only be part of the OnDemand program if you have selected the “Never Expire” selection when launching your Campaign or updating its production status
      • Campaigns that participate in the OnDemand program must be able to fulfill Perks within three (3) months of the estimated shipping date provided to Contributors at the time of their Contribution
      • We may remove Campaigns from the OnDemand program that are not able to fulfill Perks within the expected timeframe
      • We may require proof that Perks have been fulfilled, and decisions about fulfillment are made within our sole discretion

Cross-Promotion of Other Products or Services is Not Permitted

      • Campaign Owners may only communicate with Contributors about the Campaign to which the contribution was made. Campaign Owners may not cross-promote, or otherwise contact (via email, SMS, or any other forms of communication) Contributors about other Campaigns, products, services, or other activities, this is especially so for Campaigns outside of the Indiecrowdfund platform. Such communications are considered spam and are a violation of our Privacy Policy.

Repeat Campaign Owners

      • If you either: (a) have run a previous crowdfunding Campaign on our Platform or another platform and have not fulfilled the Perks (or their equivalent) from the previous campaign, or (b) have run a crowdfunding Campaign on our Platform or another platform and have not fulfilled the Perks from the previous campaign before selling substantially equivalent products as those that were offered as Perks in commerce via either a third-party platform or through a dedicated site, then you may not launch another campaign on our Platform without providing us with adequate proof that the Perks or the equivalent from your previous campaign have been fulfilled, though we may choose to allow you to run a subsequent campaign in our sole discretion. All decisions regarding the adequacy of proof will also remain solely within our discretion.

Prohibition against self-contribution

      • You, or anyone acting on your behalf, may not make Contributions to your Campaign–we call these “self-contributions.” Self-contributions are prohibited both by Indiecrowdfund and our payment processor, and either Indiecrowdfund or our payment processor may take actions like rejecting or blocking Contributions for any length of time or suspending your Indiecrowdfund account, if either Indiecrowdfund or our payment processor, in our sole discretion, discovers self-contributions.
      • You should also not separately take funds from Contributors and then Contribute those funds to the Campaign via your Campaign Owner account, since we still consider this to be self-contributing. Contributors must Contribute to your Campaign through their own accounts.
  • Disbursements
      • Before we disburse any Campaign funds to you, we will review your Campaign for compliance with our Terms of Service and all other related policies (like these Community Guidelines)
      • You must complete all identity and banking verification processes, including any follow-up information requested by our payment processor or identity verification vendor, before your Campaign will be reviewed to approve disbursement. If you have not provided any requested information for any of these processes, your disbursement may be delayed or entirely refunded back to Contributors
      • If your Campaign has received a large amount of Contributions, we may choose to hold a percentage of the funds raised as part of your Campaign. This is to account for any Contributor chargeback requests or for other customer service reasons. The held funds will be disbursed to you at a time determined by us in our sole discretion, once our review of your Campaign is completed
  • Policy Violations

If you violate our Terms of Use or any related policies including these Community Guidelines, we reserve the right to take any and all of the following steps:

    • Hold back a percentage of the funds raised in your Campaign
    • Place specific Contributions on hold and/or refund Contributors
    • Utilize all legal means, including third-party collections agencies, to recover funds raised in your Campaign that have been disbursed to you Campaign Owner
    • Remove Campaigns and terminate User Accounts at any time
    • Take any other legal measures we deem, in our sole discretion, necessary to protect the Site and the Services
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