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Indiecrowdfund Pre-Launch

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Indiecrowdfund Pre-Launch

After only three weeks of development, Square Peg Media Group Inc. will be Pre-launching their much anticipated new crowdfunding platform,, on Monday, August 31, 2020.

This platform is revolutionary in the fact that it brings the Indie Community full circle by connecting them to Comic Retailers. Creators are encouraged, but not required to take part in this new functionality. The site will allow campaign Creators to select which perks they would like to show to retailers at a discounted rate. They will also be able to set a minimum order quantity to make it worth their while. The perks the campaign Creators choose to show to retailers are only visible to Retailer accounts, which are individually verified by Indiecrowdfund. This verification allows the transaction to take place without jeopardizing the relationships of everyday backers. 

For the first time, this will create a seamless environment where creators of Indie Comics can grace the shelves of Comic Shops across the country. 

While the retailer functionality is an important and exciting step, we also offer a 3% platform fee that beats out the competition. 

We are also offering substantial discounts with our fulfillment partners to drive the costs of production even further. Reduced costs will mean more money in the pockets of creators, and possibly lower prices for the average consumer. is 100% focused on the Indie Comic Community, exclusively. We are proud to have partnerships with: Ready Comics, Print Ninja, Mixam, Comix Well Spring, Gemini Comic Mailers, Gemini Comic Fulfillment, CBCS and Faerie Metal with more in the works. We believe it speaks volumes that they are taking this journey with us.

We look forward to the bright future that the Indie Community has in front of it.

For more information on how to be a part of the new revolution of crowdfunding, visit

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