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IndieCrowdfund is the ultimate platform to elevate indie comic books to their full potential. We provide a traditional crowdfunding platform to help Creators get their projects off the ground. Additionally, we connect Creators to local comic shops to take their projects to the next level through Retailer Perks.  We designed this custom functionality to help support Creators and get great books into the hands of more comic book fans. Books can be listed for sale without having an active crowdfunding campaign so IndieCrowd serves as a storefront for fans and any LCS with a verified account. Fans are happy, Creators are happy, and LCS’s are happy. Take part of the Indie Age of comics with IndieCrowdfund.


Indiecrowdfund works just like any other crowdfunding platform except that it’s tailored specifically for indie comic books and comic shops. You can back books through crowdfunding or simply purchase those that are listed for sale using our On Demand feature.  It is important to note that currently we only accept payments from Backers in the US.


Crowdfunding can be an undertaking. That’s why we’ve partnered with several [Fulfillment Partners] to make your experience easier. Our platform offers a lower platform fee than other crowdfunding platforms and even incorporates grading perks with our [Grading Partners], giving you everything you need to get start and finish a successful campaign. Excited about connecting with local comic shops but you’re not sure where to start? Read our [Retailer Expectations] page to help determine if your books and business model are a good fit for our Retailer Connection. Indiecrowdfund will send a disbursement to your bank account within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is correct and accurate. Learn more about our [Pricing and Fees].  Please remember to INCLUDE shipping in the price of your perks as there currently is no shipping calculator at checkout for Backers or Retailers.  We are working getting shipping integrated into checkout as soon as possible.


Any LCS can apply for a retailer account. After being verified by IndieCrowdfund, you have the option to make purchases of books on our site at a discount that the Creator sets. There will be minimum order requirements in some cases. Feel free to back active crowdfunding campaigns or browse through the books listed already for sale through our On Demand feature. Retailer perk prices are determined by the Creators themselves and are optional. Independent Creators are responsible for their own fulfillment. Please read our [Retailer Expectations] page in advance. Questions, comments, or issues with an order? Email us at: info@indiecrowdfund.com

Creator strategy


Use our platform as a launching pad

Creators can use our crowdfunding functionality to get their Indie Comics off the ground.



Use our platform as a storefront

Whether Creators use our platform for crowdfunding or not, fans and retailers can still purchase books through our On Demand feature since IndieCrowdfund also works as a storefront.


Expand your reach

Creators should utilize social media platforms and/or other marketing avenues to expand their reach. While LCS’s are free to browse our platform and purchase books, you shouldn’t rely on exposure alone from IndieCrowdfund to make sales.

Know your Audience

What makes your book unique? Are your art and story top-notch? Spend time refining the pitch for your book to get your audience interested. Professional graphics and video content are recommended for the best results.

Be responsible

Once your campaign starts, we encourage you to send your Backers updates on your project. Be professional, be courteous, and fulfill on time. Skip these steps and find Backers and Retailers are less likely to support you.

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